SDD ITG has developed an alarm controller based on RFID technology, dedicated to access control to industrial cabinets.

Working principle is simple. System detects opening of doors of the cabinet. It then leaves certain period of time for a user/serviceperson to authenticate himself/herself, waiving his/her RFID card to the RFID reader, integrated into the controller. By default, user has 30 seconds to authenticate, time period duration is settable. When user’s card is detected, controller verifies user’s access rights and based on the result of verification it will activate the alarm, if necessary. If user’s authentication was successful, controller switches to authorized mode and user/serviceperson can work freely for certain period of time (30 minutes by default).
Alarm system for industrial cabinets

Otherwise, if user doesn’t have right to access the protected content, controller will switch into the alarm mode and the sound alarm will be activated and alert message will be sent by e-mail and/or SMS to central control station.

Alarm mode can be ended at any moment by placing valid ID card in front of the RFID reader. Also, closing door of the cabinet will end the alarm mode after one minute of time. Communication with the central control station is conducted over Ethernet. Device has one IP address and two communication ports. One is used for setting of and readings data of the device itself and the other one for downloading data log.

Controller reports on each of the following events: opening/closing of the door, successful / unsuccessful authorization attempt, alarm mode started/ended.