Each company conducts fixed assets inventory at least once per year in order to control and compare actual and bookkeeping values.
This comprehensive action includes counting, marking and controlling which can last even a few days, depending on number of objects in company’s inventory. And this is not the end. Afterwards, data are entered from inventory lists and further on processed for the final cause – matching inventory results with the values in the company’s books.

SDD ITG has developed Fixed asset inventory system, based on the RFID technology, which provides faster, easier and more reliable insight in actual state of your fixed asset.

The system turns the inventory into an elegant and reliable identifying of objects marked by special RFID tags (smart labels) using handheld RFID readers.

RFID reader is placed over the smart label attached to an object. It reads the fixed and unique ID number, which was placed in the memory of the label during it’s production. In the company records, this number is associated with the asset marked by that particular label. Data are transferred automatically and inventory list is generated without any additional retyping and entering.

Handheld reader is light and easy to use. Navigation is simplified by touch screen with large buttons, so the stilo use is not necessary.

Inventory software with user-friendly interface enables quick adding, editing, deleting and inventorying of items.

Software supports defining of categories of items, rooms where the items are located, as well as persons responsible for their state.

Generated inventory lists are easily exported into the company’s accounting software.

SDD ITG offers complete solution, which comprises of software, hardware and services of system design according to your organisation needs, installation and user trainings, as well as technical support during and after the warranty period.