SDD ITG is distributer of RFID transponders (MIFARE®, I-CODE™, HITAG™) offering transponders manufactured in the form of standard credit card, wristbands, key fobs, wristwatch. RFID based transponders are developed for specific applications such as building access control, time attendance control, public traffic ticketing, personal identification, ticketing for recreational venues (loyalty cards)…

Contactless smart card, in which chip communicates with card reader through RFID induction technology, require only close proximity to an antenna to complete transaction. They are often used when transaction must be processed quickly or Hands-free, such as on mass transit systems, where smart cards can be used without even removing them from a wallet. Fact that cards themselves, with data retention of 10 years, have no physical contact with any equipment, makes them very durable.


MIFARE® smart cards are designed to be used in Time Attendance and Access control applications. Smart cards provide improved network security through user identification, a facility for storing user data, and mechanism for recording various service data events. Contents of the credit card memory can be updated,
what makes the system more flexible. Read range is optimized to increase speed.

Basic functional characteristics:
– ICs operating on 13.56 Mhz
– ISO 14443A compliance
– r/w memory 1kB or 4 kB
– passive transponders, no internal power supply,
– 10 years data retention garanteed
– unique, read-only, 32-bit serial number,
– all data can be read/write in a encrypted form, in order to preserve them from misuse
– PVC or PC, resistable from climate exertion

A wide variety of transponder shapes, in addition to the classical ISO smart card transponder, are also available, including watches, key fobs, disks, etc.


Smart cards are used in a wide range of industries to support access control, payment and other applications that must meet security requirements such as authentication of a bearer, protection of privacy, security of an identity credentials.

– 125 Khz operating frequency
– r/w memory 32, 256 ili 2048 bit,
– passive transponders,
– 10 years data retention garanteed
– unique, read-only, 32-bit serial number
– all data can be read/write in a encrypted form,
– stick HITAG™ S (vehicle tyres identification, animal tagging)
– disk HITAG™1/-2/-S shape transponder (clothes and articles identification…)
– world tag HITAG™S, WD2048