System for Access Control & Time Attendance, ActA, has capacity to support users of various size and complexity, starting from small ones to biggest. All modules of the ActA are developed and manufactured by SDD ITG, what significantly simplifies installation and maintenance of complex or geographically dispersed systems.

ActA System consists of four modules:
– ActAAdmin
– ActAGate
– ActAReaderControl
– ActADataProcessing.

As an example, this sophisticated system was easily integrated for “Mitall Steel” in Zenica, with more than 3000 employees, 20 RFID readers and very complex organization structure. System ActA is tipically implemented on an existing TCP/IP infrastructure of a user. Only prerequisite is that all RFID readers have LAN or serial interface, such as ITGsr-05 family of readers.

ActA system was developed under MS Windows environment using .NET technology, and assumes MS SQL Server or MySQL data base managers.

Program module ActAAdmin collects and displays employee’s data not only on individual level, but provides the ability to view information about employee as a member of one department, or as a part of a small or large group of workers. ActAAdmin makes possible to view information for any specified data range, over a given period of time.

User identification is done simply by entering user name and password. Supported by advanced RFID technology, ActAAdmin allows to:
– Define topology of the system consisting of a number of hierarchically connected locations. Every location can have any number of gates covered by one or more RFID readers;
– Define structure of the company or location as hierarchical system of departments with all their employees;
– Define all kinds of time shifts (fixed, evening shift, night shift, weekend shifts, overtime), time tracking, and a calendar of holydays for one employee or a group of workers; It is possible for Supervisor to set up a planned working hours for the upcoming month;
– Define access rights for one employee or group of workers for their presence on certain locations or in different sectors of company, or access to a data or activity reports from data base, as well as remote setting up all devices of the system from one central point.
– Define working groups by organizing on different levels, changes of already existing working groups as well as their suspension from the system.
– On-line supervision, including displaying of the picture and name of employee passing through a gate, and overall view of employees activity and presence on different locations of the system.
– Define all categories of work such as regular, absence due to private or business reasons, holidays, absence due to medical reasons;
– facilitate the issuance of different kinds of exit permit (business, private, business trip, holidays, absence due to medical reasons) including employee personal data, reason of absence, time and date, depending on administrator privileges;
– Program accepts different ways of time calculations -working time schedules with shift definitions, work days, holidays, working plans with several automatic shift rotation models.
– The program has ability to assign tasks to an employee or group of workers on a daily level or per interval.

Program ActAAdmin facilitates administration of the system, not only on summary level, but on the level of specific data as well. System administrator can get an overall view of employees activity, including date and time of their activity. Information is stored in a shared database which may be accessible to managers and executives of the company. ActAAdmin allows creation of new employee data base and joining of new employee data to the system data base.

Program module ActAGate is part of the program ActA specifically developed to be used on entry Gates. Basic purpose of this module is to simplify receptionist work and to provide an overall view of Gate activity, meaning date and time of employees entry and exit, especially during rush hours. Receptionist also has a possibility to check employees’ exit permissions (authorization person, date and time of issuance and expiration). In case that ID card is destroyed, forgotten or unreachable from any other reason, receptionist can check all data manually.

Program module ActAGate provides visitors registration as well as monitoring of their activity while in the company, including date and time of their entrance, who are they going to visit, purpose of visit. Visitors became part of the system as they are issued temporary ID, which authorizes them to visit certain places, enter certain check points within or use certain resources of the company. Gates, being points of physical entrance in the system, are very important part of this program. Every Gate can have any number of readers, in order to enable faster passing of employees. Every reader has two antennae in order to record every entrance or exit from certain location or sector.

Program module ActAReaderControl is part of ActA which keeps communication with RFID readers on the gates. His main purpose is to download data from terminals either automatically, on
predefined time slots, or on Administrator command, as well as to support terminals administration such as set-up changes and deletion of previously downloaded data. Recorded data are presented as reports of various formats according to user needs.

System ActA supports RFID technology, meaning that every employee has its personal ID, tipically in form of MIFARE® based contactless card, personalized with unique identification parameters of each user, manufactured from PVC or Polycarbonate. Graphical design of these cards can be done according to user requirements. Alternatively, personal IDs can be in another form such as key fob of wristwatch.

ActAData Processing

Last level of ActA system, ActADataProcessing, provides processing of information gathered from all readers in the system, to generate different kind of reports in various formats suitable for further use.

MIFARE is a registered trade mark of NXP B. V.

Software package ACTA