Software Package Stratos Studio – Intelligent Patch Panels

Stratos Studio software package consists of five programs. They are utilized in a different phases of project designing and management of Data centers.

The Stratos Studio application is designed to be used with Stratos’s RFID Enabled Product range & System Architecture. Typical features included:
− Module Definition and Data Maintenance on Intelligent RFID Patch Panel / Distribution Panels, through communication with the ‘Managers’
− Definition of the RFID Enabled Patch & Trunk cables (cords)
− Creating a Cable Deployment Plan (wiring plan)
− Scheduling planned cabling process by dividing the cable deployment or cabling plan into particular job sheets (tasks)
− Improving efficiency and accuracy of the cabling process in real-time, by providing visual, textual and voice assistance, even at the point of deployment (cabinet level)

Manager mode

In this mode the user defines the system as a set of intelligent RFID patch panel managers with their respective and related modules. The user can obtain most data automatically from particular managers or choose to insert the details manually.
Managers and modules are shown in a tree structure where managers make-up the first level nodes in the manager group. All the modules belonging to a particular manager, are represented as its sub-nodes. Traversing this navigation tree the user can browse through all the data that describe the specific managers and modules within the system.

Cable mode

In this mode the user is able to introduce RFID Enabled Patch and Trunk cable aassemblies (cords) into the system. Attributes related to the cable assemblies are also eentered and stored in the Cable Library in order to perform the ability to browse the data of the cable assemblies and to maintain these attributes.

Planning mode

In this mode the user does the planning of the cable deployment, for all of modules defined in the system. During the planning process the user picks pairs of slots to be linked by the patch cords. Slots that make up pairs can belong to the same module or any other module within the system. Typically Distribution Panels patch to themselves, while traditional Patching could be done from module to module or on the same module if appropriate.

Job Sheets mode

In this mode the user is able to divide all the planned cabling work into the separate tasks within job sheets. After entering the “Job Sheets” mode, Figure 8 shows the view that appears.

Assistant mode

In this mode the user/operator can monitor all activities and current statuses of all the modules in the attached hardware system. The statuses are shown in a very comprehensive graphical monitor updated continuously. Furthermore, during deployment of patch cables, and utilizing the “Assistant”, the user can get very useful feedback via text, graphical indicators and audible voice guidance, which significantly improves efficiency and accuracy of the cabling process.