System ITGrc-01, first installed in Center Millennium in Vrsac, Serbia, before beginning of European
Basketball Championship 2005. is easily configured to suit sport arenas of various structure, size and price

Key units of this system are:
• ITG TicketSales: application software for booking/ticketing
• ITGTicketControl: application software for access control in sport hall
• ITG Pass: application software packet for season tickets selling and updating (smart cards)
• ITGbtt 0x: revolving barrier with barcode readers and smart cards readers (MIFARE® cards)
• ITGsr 05: smart card readers for access control and working time registration
• ITG Fitness: application software package for Fitness center administration

Each one of these units had been developed and manufactured by company SDD ITG.

There are several functionally units:
1. Booking office and audience entrance
2. Staff entrance
3. VIP (very important people) entrance
4. Fitness center
6. Reservation tickets issuing

There are two kinds of ticket for sport events: daily tickets and season tickets. Daily tickets are used for one entrance in sport center and they are printed on paper, having its serial number printed in two ways: like combination of letters and numbers, and barcode form (striped code).
Season tickets are used for multi entrance in sport center and they are made of plastic card having electronic chip inside (contact less smart card). Alternatively, they may be fabricated in form of key fob, bracelet, etc. Discount policy and benefits of the season tickets may be different, for example: time limitation, number of entrance limitation, etc. Anyway, there is chance for creating flexible selling policy.
Employee from Center has its company ID cards, which are technologically identical to season cards. Cards for fitness center users are technologically identical to season tickets, i.e. season tickets are used as multi application cards.
VIP tickets are technologically identical to season tickets. To accomplish visual distinction with other identification cards, VIP tickets are printed in different color.

By creating this solution we wanted to meet the following goals:
• Provide technologically modern solution, which will beneficiary allow flexibility
for created optimal policy of using available resources
• Provide protection of potential misuse
• Provide chance to upgrade system by adding new functions

Concept solution

Season tickets, VIP tickets and company ID cards are technological identical. They are manufactured like standard credit cards and they have inside electronic chip with memory (contact less smart card). NXP technology (MIFARE® technology) was applied to these cards (ISO14443A). These cards were personalized with unique identification parameters of each user. Visual identity of the cards have been done according to graphical solution by administration of sport Center.
ID card ensures its owner entree resources of the Center, consistent to defined policy. Also, ID card might be used for paying some services in sport Center (vending machines, etc), used as an electronic wallet. Daily tickets are made of paper. Every ticket has its serial number printed over two ways: like combination of letters and numbers, and barcode form (striped code), to provide machine readability.
Every ticket, either plastic or paper has its unique identification (ID) number. ID number of the plastic card was registered in factory, readable by all readers which we have installed as part of the project. ID number of every card which had been sold, was registered in data base center. Entrance in sport hall was secured with three armed barriers which have card reader. Barrier reads both types of cards, with automatic recognition of the card type.
When barrier reader reads daily ticket, the control system checks status of that card according to ticket’s ID number. If ticket isn’t used before, three-arm barrier lets the person enter the gate and marks ticket as used. If user try to enter in sport hall again with the same ticket, barrier will be locked and sound alarm will be put onas a signal of using defective ticket.
When barrier reader reads season ticket and if ticket is valid, three-arm barrier lets a person enter the gate and evidence is made (date, time and ticket ID number). Due to fact that daily tickets have read/write memory in which our readers can read and write, it is possible to make very large spectrum of system functions. For instance, instead of defining ticket’s end date validation it is possible to define a number of permitted entrance in sport Center. Now, when barrier reader reads reservation ticket and if ticket is valid, three-arm barrier lets the person to enter the gate and decrements the number of permitted entrances. When that number becomes 0, ticket is not valid any more, unless user renews it by visiting ticketing booth.
ITGsr-05 terminal is mounted at the staff entrance, used for time of attendance registration.

Tickets sales, both daily and season are done at the booking booth. Desktop reader ITGpc-05 together with appropriate software package is used for personalization of season tickets. All readers (in tripod turnstiles and wall terminal), ID cards personalization center as well as PCs at the booking booth are connected to access control LAN supported by access control server, where data base of all active tickets is being held.

Special attention has been paid to provide the system as vandal-proof and secure from potential misuse.

Application software package ITG-TicketSales was developed using Microsoft tools (C#, .NET). The package is configurable for sport arenas of various structure, size and price policy. Booking and sales are done by simply selecting desired seats on graphical presentation of the hall. Season tickets are renewed after expiration date using software package ITG-Pass.

Access control to the hall is under supervision of software package ITG-TicketControl, which makes decision on the action to be performed, after a ticket is being read out by a barrier and data base of active tickets has been consulted. There are two possible commands: open the appropriate barrier or do not open it, by sending preprogrammed audio and visual signalization. Also, a number of protective mechanisms are implemented as to prevent potential misuse of the system.

Season tickets for sport arena have yet another function: fitness center services payment. Entrance to fitness center is controlled by tripod turnstile of the same type.

The Actis system is successfully used on a large number of swimming pools and sports halls, bus stations, the Belgrade Fair and ski resort Brezovica.