Terminal ITGsr 06, time attendance registration and access control terminal

Typical applications:

–  time of attendance registration

– access control (doors, barriers and ramps)

ITGsr-06 terminal device’s basic characteristics are:

– custom developed and fully adaptable firmware

– bootstrap loader (remote firmware update over LAN)

– based on 32-bit processor, Cortex M3

– interrogates all ISO 14443A compliant transponders

– 1MB Flash RAM for storing up to 24000 events (optional: 2 Mb Flash RAM, 100000 events and 45000 cards)

– Real-time clock

– 2 digital inputs

– 2 digital outputs (for controlling electrical lock, barrier or ramp) and 6 outputs for sound and light signalization (LED, piezo buzzer)

– 10/100 Mbps TCP/IP, optional RS232C, RS485 or GSM/GPRS;

– Up to two external antennae (readers), with sound and light (LED) indicators;

– Operating in extended (-20°C to +85°C) temperature range;

– Power over Ethernet (PoE), optional external AC/DC adapter

– Custom housing

Identification card (transponder)

The system utilizes ID cards (transponders) that are compliant with ISO 14443A standard

– Transponder and reader communicate using radio waves at 13.56 MHz

Terminal ITGsr 06