SDD ITG has designed and developed UPS device controller.

Device is designed for companies that have wide computer networks and numerous remote locations with installed UPSs and want to monitor their work. Module informs company if power is off on any of key points or if UPS battery drops on 10%.
Device provides information about exceeding energy consumption. If some of the devices uses too much electricity due to a malfunction, company will be alerted about critical event and will be able to react accordingly.

Module is managed through SNMP protocol, version 1.

Module monitors network voltage and measures electricity consumption. It also signalizes when the battery voltage is down to 10%. Temperature sensor mounted on the device monitors the temperature of the environment.

Devise is equipped with 8 relay inputs and 2 relay outputs.
It is capable of measuring two voltages in range of 0 – 250 V and intensity of two independent currents in range 0 – 3 A.

Device records all detected malfunctions into the internal flash memory. Readings of data from the flash memory is conducted over TCP/IP interface.

UPS device controller