New products

Driver identification (ITGgprs-10). ECGmobile. Electronic ski pass system. ActAmobile. Building access control ITGsr-31. Upgraded RFID terminal. External antenna (reader) ITGant-9. Alert system. ActA Web. UPS monitoring device. Innovation in the field of mobile phone content distribution. Industrial cabinet access control. Vehicles scale control system ACTAV™. Medical tubes marking and identification system. Fixed asset inventory. Fuel dispenser control system ITGfdc-1. Software package ACTA™. Desktop ID card reader ITGpc-05. Access control & Time Attendance Terminal ITGsr-06. Tripod turnstiles ITGbtt-0X. External antenna ITGant-6 for Terminal ITGsr-05. System for ticket selling and access control Actis.

Solar irrigation system

We offer an energy efficient solar irrigation system that can meet the irrigation needs of small plots. For more information download a brochure.

Desktop RFID reader for Hitag-1, -2, -S, with USB interface


Driver identification

ITGgprs-10 RFID reader is peripheral of a GPRS tracking device. Intended for driver identification. UID of driver’s identity card is sent to central server, via GPRS tracker.


The ECGMobile system is based on modern trends in electronics and information technology and is intended for emergency telemedicine. It consists of the following components: Electronic Appliance ECG 401 Calibration Equipment ECG 1401 ECGMobile Center Central Server