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NXP Semiconductors

The base of the business relationship with NXP Semiconductors, Netherlands, founded by Philips more than 50 years ago, was settled a while after our company was founded. In November 2001 the Non-Disclosure Agreement was signed Non-Disclosure Agreement with Philips Semiconductors… Continue reading →

SpartaMATRIX International

SpartaMATRIX International, SAD   SpartaMatrix is a global security solutions provider with a proven record of success. Bolstered by award-winning research and engineering teams, SpartaMatrix delivers industry-leading solutions for ports, logistics and infrastructure security. Partnership of the SpartaMatrix International and… Continue reading →

AXIS Communications

AXIS Communications AB, Sweden   SDD Information Technology Group Ltd has signed the ADS Agreement – Application Development Services Agreement with AXIS Communications AB, Sweden, global leader on network video market who celebrates 25 years of existence in 2009. Entering… Continue reading →

Inter Engineering

Inter Engineering, Greece Nowadays information is every corporation’s most valuable property. Guaranteed security when saving and exchanging information is a necessary condition for the survival of a company. In order to offer security to its customers, SDD ITG made a… Continue reading →


Xerafy 19. Oktober 2012. SDD ITG signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with company Xerafy. SDD ITG uses Xerafy transponders in its technical solutions for item marking and inventory management. Also, we offer Xerafy products and technical support to all interested system… Continue reading →


Infineon 16. April 2013 SDD ITG signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with company Infineon for “Security & Chipcard  Ics and similar areas“. Visit web site.