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Systems. Time of attendance. Parking access control. Sports centers. Bus stations management system. Fuel dispenser control system. Guard tour patrol system. Fixed assets inventory. Alarm system for industrial cabinets. Vehicle identification. Smart shelves. UPS device controller. Medical tubes identification.

Time of attendance

Access Control & Time Attendance system, ActA™, has the capacity to support customers of various size and complexity, from small ones to the very large ones. With the installation of this system, client receives: •    working hours data efficient recording… Continue reading →

Parking access control

The System for Access Control designed for Parking Areas ActA TM support users of various sizes and complexity, small to very big corporations. All the ActA hardware and software modules are developed and produced within the SDD ITG. The System… Continue reading →

System for Access Control & Ticket Issuing System Actis™

System ITGrc-01, first installed in Center Millennium in Vrsac, Serbia, before beginning of European Basketball Championship 2005. is easily configured to suit sport arenas of various structure, size and price policies. Key units of this system are: • ITG TicketSales:… Continue reading →

Bus stations management system

The Bus Station Management System consists of the following components: – Program package for ticketing – Access control for the platform – Automatic vehicle identification Software package for ticketing In order to obtain complete automation of the bus station operations… Continue reading →

Fuel dispenser control system

System ITGfdc-1 is protected by patent and multi-awarded system produced by SDD ITG. ITGfdc-1 system provides fuel tanking only to specially marked vehicles as well as data acquisition of relevant fueling parameters by using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to… Continue reading →

Guard tour patrol system

Guard tour patrol system is a system for logging the rounds of employees in a variety of situations such as Security guards patrolling property, technicians monitoring climate-controlled environments, and correctional officers checking prisoner living areas. It helps ensure that the… Continue reading →

Alarm system for industrial cabinets

SDD ITG has developed an alarm controller based on RFID technology, dedicated to access control to industrial cabinets. Working principle is simple. System detects opening of doors of the cabinet. It then leaves certain period of time for a user/serviceperson… Continue reading →

Fixed assets inventory

Each company conducts fixed assets inventory at least once per year in order to control and compare actual and bookkeeping values. This comprehensive action includes counting, marking and controlling which can last even a few days, depending on number of… Continue reading →

Vehicle identification

Automatic Vehicle identification System ITGavi-1 RFID is a wireless technology used in applications to identify and receive information about vehicles passing by the entrance or exit gate, with no need to stop the vehicle or to open window. As the… Continue reading →

Smart shelves

We present you a technical solution which can, precisely and reliably, provide the information about: 1. which good/goods are located on a certain shelf 2. which goods are located on all of the shelves (inventory) Technological basis of the presented… Continue reading →