The core of our company is built of the group of engineers experienced in the fields of development of the solutions based on the RFID technology, development of complex software solutions, specialized instrumentations, embedded and real-time systems.

Spira Matic, MSEE

Founder, co-owner (67,33%), director

Before founding of SDDITG, Mr Matic worked as a researcher and leader of many projects in the Laboratory for computer technique in Nuclear institute Vinca for 16 years. Later, he founded and managed development of new technologies, marketing and sales operations of Belgrade branch office of the company Microsys, Novi Sad, for 8 years.

Mr Matic is a system engineer with more than 30 years of experience in all the phases of development of hardware and software for products and specialized systems for military and industry application, as well as in the system integration.
He has published more than 30 editions on local and international conferences and in scientific and professional magazines. Also, Mr Matic held couple of lectures on demand in USA.
He graduated from and earned master degree on Electrical Engineering Faculty in Belgrade.

Danko Djuric, MSEE

Founder and co-owner (8,33%) of SDD ITG

He is not employed in the company.

Darko Celebic, BSEE

Founder, co-owner (23.88%) of SDD ITG

He is not employed in the company.


Founders and owners