Since we are the producer of the equipment and designers of the software solutions we are able to provide customized product – exactly and only what you demand.

As a confirmation of the above statement we would like to point out the diversity of our clients – small businesses to developed corporations ( 30 to over 7.000 employees), operating in different sectors of economy with specific needs.

Our software for access control and time attendance ActA tm supported demanding working hours calculations within the Pension and Health Insurance Fund for Free Lancers, and the Institute for Nuclear Science Vinca has chosen our system for time attendance registration and access control into the nuclear reactors facilities.

If you want to improve your business, our team of experts will choose and customize some of our existing or create entirely new products for your needs. They will provide you with services of installation, training and online and on spot support during the warranty period and even upon its termination.

If there is no adequate solution for your problem concerning identification and access control feel free to contact us because we enjoy challenges.

So far, we have implemented our systems based on the RFID technology in more than 100 projects.

CP Security Group int doo also performs specific hardware and software development. Click here if you are interested in software development services and our competences in that field.