Welcome to the SDD Information Technology Group web site

SDD Information Technology Group Ltd. has operated successfully since 2001, supplying the market with RFID systems, specially designed hardware and software and various services related to it. Special segment of our area of activities is software design and development according to the clients needs.
SDD ITG is innovative organization, registered in the Register of Innovation Activity of Ministry of Science and Technology.
Our clients are numerous domestic and foreign companies who have recognized the importance of implementation of innovations through advanced technology.
Keep pace with the times and two steps ahead of the competition. Innovate and improve your competitiveness.
The largest companies on global market invest more than 15% of their income into the R&D.
If you are not among them, we will design and develop complete solutions that will improve your business by:
Resource management and controllability increase (Time attendance and access control, Parking Access Control, Fuel Dispenser control, Vehicle positioning and tracking, Ticket Selling and Entry Management, Bus Station Management, Sport Halls Management, swimming pools, fairs, Electronic ski pass system),
Reliable and efficient information (Smart shelves) and